Here are some of the Questions People Frequently Ask.


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What do Brighter Futures do?

At Brighter Futures we offer a variety of vocational programmes including: Construction / Vehicle Maintenance / Metalwork / Hair & Beauty andcooking, as well as academic pathways for all levels of ability in core subjects, English, Maths and ICT, following the National Curriculum.


What age do learners have to be to attend BF?

We normally say from year 7 onwards but we have been known to make exceptions.



What time do we start?

A typical day would start from about 9.30am and finish about 2.30pm



How many days a week can learners attend?

Students attend between 1 and 5 days depending on what’s best for them and what the referring body feels is required



What are the class / group sizes?

Typically no more than 6 students in a group, Class sizes are deliberately kept small to ensure student engagement



Can learners change programs?

YES: We at Brighter Futures tell all our students to take part in all the vocational areas we offer to see which they prefer and enjoy

And then we will build an Individual Learning Plan with you that suits your needs at a level that suits your abilities and setting you SMART targets and reachable goals which will be reviewed with you every couple of weeks and new goals set.


Is there any written / theory work?

That depends on why you are attending and what your school wants or needs you to do whilst with us but all the vocational programs are designed to be hands on and are portfolio based, so a little amount of paperwork is required.


What qualifications do learners work towards gaining?

We offer: ASDAN Bronze, ASDAN Silver, ASDAN Gold, ASDAN Experience of Work Award, Employability, PHSE,

Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT. We also work to the National Curriculum Standards in English, Maths and ITC which can lead to recognised qualifications including GCSEs